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Service concept
H&Cin constant practice and lessons learned , and gradually formed , consolidating with H&Ccharacteristics, to meet customer demand for the service concept , specifically for the "customer first , rapid, accurate , innovative and comprehensive ."

Our service -oriented system to do the following solemn promise:
Within the warranty period ( after delivery of a lamp months), we assume the risk of tube well ; addition to the damage of war and severe fires , floods , typhoons, earthquakes and other force majeure events , we damage the lamp replacement ;
All products , in addition to damage to the war, serious fires , floods , typhoons, earthquakes and other force majeure events , a three-year warranty and lifetime maintenance ;
After the expiration date , the company once a month for a routine check of the system .
By phone 0755-27352859,18818688258 , we provide 24-hour telephone service .

Customer first
First H&Call customers as people held beliefs and principles. H&Cfrom client products, systems, services program design , review , implementation, evaluation and follow- service activities , all will safeguard the interests of customers as a prerequisite to the customer's point of view to think about every problem and solve every problem , to meet customer demand responsibility .

"Promptly" is
H&Canother person to give customers our commitment unwavering . H&Cestablish a database of customer information and rapid response mechanism to the shortest , most reasonable time to understand the actual needs of customers, providing a comprehensive solution operability . Especially in Shenzhen customers, more than ever H&Cthe " fast ."

Through a variety of ways to communicate with customers, negotiate and accurate understanding about the needs, develop realistic solutions operability . After the implementation of the program , understand the operational status of the system, when there is a problem or a potential defect , I provide accurate solutions .

H&Cbelieve "no best, only better,"
H&Ctechnological innovation is the goal , only to truly innovative enterprise customers to make sustainable development support , allowing customers to enterprises in the fierce competition in the market can intently develop their core business , which is not a loss . H&Ctechnology for the customer 's individual requirements , summarizes the advanced experience of the industry , and in accordance with international trends, continuous research and development is more suitable for business needs , more personalized products, services and applications.

"Radical customers think customers are thinking ," H&Ctechnology when considering the issue , emphasizing advanced consciousness . Account both the characteristics of the actual situation and needs of customers , but also consider the needs of customers and the development of technology trends , such as institutional characteristics, quality of personnel, location, climatic conditions, financial budget , network technology, network development trends. When the market environment changes,
H&Cpeople will take the initiative to provide customers adapt to environmental change products, services , solutions can be implemented . To better understand the needs of customers more easily communicate with customers , easier to solve the problems of customers . What customer needs can be predicted , but when generating the customer demand is unpredictable , so that the reaction time of a company customer demand , the reaction speed is very important. H&C has its own professional service team, when you receive the specific needs of customers in the shortest period of time for questions raised by the customer to answer and help.

H&C has its own production , R & D team and system service team, constantly known, formed a study with H&Cdistinctive technology platforms and technology solutions.

Strong technical support and rapid response to customer needs is
H&Cpowerful means to maintain a competitive advantage , it is also able to retain customersH&Creasons . H&Cservices will be consistent spirit and means to ensure the smooth completion of the project.



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